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Wellness Solutions Chiropractic specializes in back pain, neck pain, spinal decompression, spinal stenosis, herniated disks, plantar fasciitis, car accidents, injury, pain relief and much more.

Wellness Solutions Chiropractic's, a Plano Chiropractic Clinic, strives for excellence through superior patient treatment, education, and an array of top notch services and patient satisfaction. At Wellness Solutions Chiropractic our patients come first and we truly strive to exceed all of your expectations. Both doctors, work diligently to educate people that it is much better to prevent disease or injury from happening than to try and treat it once it occurs. We want you to be AMAZING, INSPIRING, AND UNSTOPPABLE PAIN FREE!

It's Time To Be Free Of Pain

Discover why so many people are choosing the Plano chiropractic clinic for treatment from Dr. Stowe, DC  to help them finally get rid of their Headaches, Neck and Back Pain, Numbness and Tingling in their hands and feet -- once and for all!

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A Family / Plano Chiropractic Practice

Wellness Solutions is a Plano chiropractor  and family focused practice that treats everyone from newborn to elderly to alleviate pain and discomfort with safe and effective chiropractic techniques. We believe in whole body care for the whole family.

Our Goal Is Your Health

Our Plano chiropractic practice is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment (chiropractic manipulation) of musculoskeletal disorders of the spine and extremities and providing holistic care for the overall well-being of your body. Our primary goal is your health.

Wellness Solutions Chiropractic has been providing chiropractic treatment, spinal decompression therapy and rehabilitation for headaches, neck pain, back pain, arm pain/numbness and leg pain/numbness and many other disorders for years.

Let Wellness Solutions Chiropractic be your last resort before surgery, injections or medications for the rest of your life. Learn More


Call Us Today! 214-862-5581


Did you know these Chiropractic facts?

  • 85% of Americans will suffer incapacitating low back pain in their life.
  • A WebMD study found the satisfaction rate with Chiropractic to be 95%.
  • 40% of American with back pain that lasts two weeks will go to a Chiropractor.
  • Chiropractic is the second largest primary health care provider in the western world!

Dr. Stowe invites you to explore chiropractic and other solutions that will help you optimize your health. Come to Wellness Solutions to receive true health CARE!


Fun facts about being human!

If you are an average adult, in the average day:

  • You exercise 7 million brain cells.
  • Your heart beats 103,689 times.
  • Your hair grows .01717 of an inch.
  • Your blood travels 168,000,000 miles.
  • Your nails grow .000046 of an inch.
  • You move 750 major muscles.
  • You inhale 438 cubic feet of air.
  • You speak 48,000 words.
  • You eat 3 ¼ pounds of food.
  • You turn in your sleep 25-30 times.
  • You drink 2.9 pounds of liquids.
  • You give off 85.6 degrees F. of heat.
  • You lose 7.8 pounds of waste.
  • You perspire 1.43 pints!
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