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Accident or Injury

If you are injured in an accident, you can get the treatment you need from expert chiropractors at Wellness Solutions Chiropractic at no cost to you.

Getting injured in a car accident can be devastating. You know you need the best possible treatment to help your body heal and get back to your normal activities. The Plano, TX chiropractors at Wellness Solutions Chiropractic provide expert diagnosis and the latest in chiropractic treatment for injuries due to auto accidents. If you are an accident victim, some injuries may not be immediately noticeable but can become more painful over time.

Many personal insurance protection (PIP) policies do not cover medical expenses right away when you need care the most. Instead, they reimburse in part or full after you pay your medical provider for care. Unfortunately, patients involved in an accident may not have the money to lay out for their treatment and are forced to live in pain and even make injuries worse by postponing the care they need.

At Wellness Solutions Chiropractic, we treat your injuries immediately without regard to your ability to pay up front medical costs. We work under a letter of protection that promises payment once your accident claim has been settled.

Following a detailed examination, our doctors will recommend the best course of treatment for your recovery, which may include:

If you have back pain, neck pain, or another injury following an accident, let Wellness Solutions Chiropractic help you recover and feel like yourself again. Call our office in Frisco, McKinney or Plano, Texas at (972) 362-4018 or request an appointment online. We offer convenient Saturday hours!

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