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Oh Baby! Wearing Infant Slings and Backpacks Safely

“Hands-free” baby carrying devices are more popular than ever among parents. These back-pack, front-pack, and sling baby carriers allow parents to be more mobile while bonding with their baby. The American Chiropractic Association offers the following advice for using these devices safely:
Baby Slings
Baby slings are meant for very young infants. Make sure the sling material does not block the baby’s airways. The slings can become very hot and dangerous for an infant. A sling is not a good choice in hot weather.

Front-pack and Back-pack Carriers
Parents should get into good shape before using front-pack or back-pack baby carriers. Make sure to select a carrier with wide straps. The shoulder straps should cross the center of your collarbones. The carrier should come with a harness for positioning your baby.
For your infant’s safety, backpack carriers should not be used for babies that are less than a year old or that do not have good head and neck support. Front-pack carriers are a better choice for infants under age one. For your infant’s health and safety, never run or jog while carrying your baby in a sling, front-pack, or back-pack carrier.

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