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How is a Chiropractor Different from an MD?

A doctor of chiropractic and a medical doctor both use specialized training and experience to help patients who are sick or in pain. The simple answer is that chiropractors address the musculoskeletal system and nervous system through non-invasive treatments that take a natural approach to restoring health, while medical doctors can discover internal health disruptions or disease through lab work and physical exams that focus on the inner workings of your body.

While a primary care physician who knows your health history and lifestyle can assist you in making choices that result in improved health and wellbeing through preventive care, many times patients seek medical treatment that is responsive to an illness or injury. Treatments, including drugs or surgery, often treat the symptoms of the complaint rather than addressing the source of ill health.

The chiropractors at Wellness Services Chiropractic work together with our primary care physicians to offer total integrated medical services. If we discover a condition in our patients that requires medical treatment, comprehensive testing and medical care is available right here in our office. We believe that holistic care includes the best in preventive medical and chiropractic care for your total health.

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